Being Ing

what a life if you don't make it great by yourself

After consultation with Dr. Hery P, SpBa last night, the operation decide to do on Friday, Nov. 23th' 12, after sholat time.

I ask for permit fromt he office, & we go to opname @ 9 am. Eba start to fasting @ that time & we should wait for the empty VIP room.

About 2 pm, Eba was taken to operation room & the operation start @ 2.30 pm. Just about 1,5 hours, about 4 pm, the nurse call me to wait for Eba wake up. After he woke up & cried, Eba can go back to the room, but then he fall asleep again.

Eba still sleepy for anesthesized

No longer, the doctor come to visit & told me me that if he wake up, I can try to give hime some water. But Eba sleep still until about 7 pm, wake up because his bed wetting. So, I change his operation dress to his own pj's & let Eba sleep again, until the next morning.

Eba woke up @ 6.30 am, look so fresh, tell me that he's going to poop, I wash him, change his clothes & there he goes... the usual Eba... try to jump & pull the hose infusion x_x. I should raise my voice to keep him stay @ his bed.

The morning after

Doctor come visit @ 9 am, looks so glad for Eba' condition & tell me that we can go home.

I can't tell the feeling, to see Eba got infusion & anesthesized, surely not a great expereience for me. But I'm so glad it's all over & wishfully he'll getting better after this all.

Be strong son... Mommy will take care of you & God will do the rest.