Being Ing

what a life if you don't make it great by yourself

I watch I go to movie yesterday, watch for Alex Cross (good story) & yes, it's on my office hour :p
But, what I want to talk isn't about the movie or the time that I used to watch it, but about people attitude.

Everytime we watch movie, there's always warn to be manner.
No talk (to your colleague, to your friends, to your boyfriend or girlfriend), no phone (means you should turn off or at least switch it into vibrate or silent mode), no recording (piracy, what else) & don't put your feet to the seats in front of you.

But worst... it looks like people who can buy tickets but had not enough good manners.

As my way to keep watching movie on the cinema (yes, I've got addicted to the sound system), I used to go on office hour.
And I hope, when I did it, it means less people in the studio, less noise, less annoying.
Too bad, that's not what was happen.

Usually, if the movie is good (or great) or fame enough, there still a lot of audience.
And it's annoying, since most of them has no manners.
Some of them come late or SO late, 10 or 15 minutes after the movie started.
Need times to walk in the dark & looking for seat.
It's getting worse if their seat is already placed by other audience (that probably don't know how to check the seat number).

After that, if I got unlucky, there'll be a group of girls, who come running & giggling & talking like they own the cinema.
Don't forget the couple that make those cinema as their own world (the other only rent a place x_x).
Or a big (read : fat) guy, who sit in your like & can't stop eating (with noisy) or move his leg, or move in the seat.

Or if the shit isn't enough, there're 1 or 2 or a lot of people, who don't know how to silent or vibrate mode their phone, who still check or (probably) update status on their smart phone & let the phone's light too bright.
This kind of people will talk & talk & talk or answer every ring ring that come.
And never forget, people who ast like they work as a reviewer.
This kind of people, keep talking & telling the story of the movie, or the prequel of it.
Not just the story, but also the actors, the actresses, & so on & so on.

My worst experience was happened about 2 or 3 weeks ago, when I watched Looper (yes, on another office time, lol).
There's a lot of people watching, including a gang of girls who sat in front of me.
Since the first time they in, they never stop talking, giggling, playing with the phone, and idiotly commenting almost every scene.
After 45 minutes, another lady do the "sshhhh..." & said "can't u just shut your mouth"... & what was happen?
The girls is murmuring & start talking, brassy said "why don't u who shut up," & "if you don't like us talking, why don't you just go out & leave."
After that, I do the "ssshhhhh..." & some other audience too... & lucky, they quiet a little bit.
Yup... just a little bit.

At the end of the movie, when the lights on, I checked the girls & they looks "shockingly" smart enough.
I think they're students, not hight school, but university.
And still, they acting like a dumb bitch (yeah, I know it's rude, but hey... this is my blog).
This is bad, actually, this is worst...
People, especially young peps, whould learn how to be manners.
1 thing I learn from life (yes, from my mom, the older people or another source) is, if I want people put some respect on me, I should learn how to respect others.
And thet's the line up for me to start ebeing manners.

How important is an attitude for me? Well... it's important, very...
I put a high limit on myself & I hope I'll have enough from other.
Being in public area, able to pay didn't make you own the place.
It's not always related with "do your own business"... but it's related with "will it hurt others? will it mbe matter for others?."
That's the important of manner your attitude.